The Busy Entrepreneur's Guide to Ultimate Productivity

The Busy Entrepreneur's Guide to Ultimate Productivity

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What’s Inside this Guide:

Since there are hundreds of books on the subject of productivity, I’ve got to narrow down the focus of this guide to the most actionable content I can give you to help you have productive days, weeks, months, quarters, and years.

So, while there is so much more to be learned on the subject, here’s what you’ll find inside THIS guide.

8 Chapters Including:

1. The Mindset of Productivity.

2. Personal Productivity Planning [Know Thyself].

3. An Introduction to Productivity Work Styles and Methods in this Guide

4. A Yearly Zoom Out. 

5. Quarterly Planning Processes.

6. Monthly Planning Processes.

7. 2 Week Project Sprints.

8. A Weekly Planning Process + Examples. 

Time is the one thing we can never get back - this guide will help you use it wisely and intentionally so you can conquer those big dreams once and for all.


These resources are the GREATEST gift and will change so many people’s lives.  PEOPLE NEED this because they want to follow their passions and also have a life.  Well - here’s the ticket.  This is the most confident I have ever felt in investing in something that I know I will see CLEAR RESULTS to improving my life and my business.

Beth Hill

YOU ARE A GODSEND. I just finished putting together all of the templates and started the workflow for my current wedding clients and I’ve had multiple emails ALREADY that they’re blown away with my communication and are so appreciative of my experience.  Gosh, this year is going to be amazing and I feel a major weight lifted off my shoulders ALREADY!

Crystal L.

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Listen - we wear about a million hats as business owners, and it can be easy to feel like we're always on the cusp of burn out, trying to tackle our to-do lists, wishing we could hit a pause button on time so we could jussstttt try and catch up. But it doesn't need to be as hard as we tend to make it out to be.  In fact– it can be easy, fulfilling, joyful, and quite simple if we take the necessary steps to make it that way.  This is me, taking your hand, hoping you'll take the steps with me.